NJ Medical Marijuana Stalled Further

Christie asked the federal government to issue New Jersey a freedom-from-prosecution guarantee on the medical marijuana issue. He’s using that as a reason to thwart the Legislature’s approval (and clearly, based on poll after poll, the public’s blessing) for a reasonable approach to regulating and selling marijuana to those with a physician-documented need for it.

If the U.S. Justice Department were coming down hard on California or Oregon or Delaware, suing them for violating federal law with their medical marijuana programs — all of which are much more liberal than New Jersey’s proposal — then Christie’s request for legal insulation would seem logical instead of cynical.

New Jersey already has one of the most conservative medical marijuana laws on the books with state approved strains and only a handful of state sanctioned dispensaries to obtain the medecine. The fear from federal prosecution while states like California, Oregon, and Colorado continue to operate unhindered with much more liberal laws is just irrational. Christie is simply playing politics and protecting his own federal interests and aspirations while sick patients continue to stand by and wait, hoping that cooler heads will ultimately prevail.


3 Responses to “NJ Medical Marijuana Stalled Further”

  • IWantToChokeChrisie:

    Christie makes me so damn angry! Listen bub, the previous guy the same people voted in that elected you passed the damn bill and you swore an oath to uphold all New Jersey laws when you got into office. Get it done already!

  • NJMeds:

    Amen to that. Hopefully some common sense will strike these guys before long

  • Mike:

    The bill was finally enacted but dispensaries are still no where to be found so underground we all stay… it’s progress though… kinda

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